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ident that previously received little attention raises an important question for the NFL Sammy Watkins Jersey , a question for which there may be no good answer.What did the NFL know about the existence of the video that purportedly shows Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel?If the league office, which surely knew about the incident, knew about the video and did nothing to Hunt, that could spark a firestorm of criticism. If the league office didn’t know about the video, there could still be a firestorm.Much of the Ray Rice debate, as fueled to a fever pitch by an Associated Press report that the league had seen the video from inside a hotel elevator before it was published by TMZ, centered on whether the league should have taken steps to obtain the video Authentic nthony Hitchens Jersey , if the league had indeed not seen it. This time around, specific questions could be asked about why the NFL, with an in-house judicial process that supposedly investigates these matters independent of law enforcement, failed to secure (wait for it) surveillance video generated by cameras at a hotel.Basically, the league either saw the video and did nothing (which isn’t good) or the league didn’t see the video because it failed to take steps to obtain it, thereby learning nothing from the Ray Rice fiasco (which isn’t good).The question then becomes whether the NFL will try to downplay the incident, if for no reason other than to keep the story from developing to the point where questions about whether the league saw the video and/or whether the league should have seen the video are asked. When the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 45-10 on Sunday night Youth Kendall Fuller Jersey , it was more than just a rebound from a tough loss.For head coach Andy Reid, it was also his 200th victory as a head coach.Speaking after the game, he said it was fun.“I enjoy when both sides and the special teams are going well,” he said.“That doesn’t happen all the time. It’s normally one group carrying the other group. That’s the National Football League. When they all come together — and good things happen — it’s enjoyable. This was a good one.”The 200-win club is pretty exclusive. Reid is only the 10th coach in NFL history to reach the milestone.But once reaching it, he didn’t seem interested in putting a lot of emphasis on it.“That’s an individual thing, I’m not really good with that,” he said. “We are about team. I know a lot of people involved with each one of those wins that have been crucial http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-kareem-hunt-jersey , so, I enjoy it and I appreciate it, but I would tell you it’s everyone. Everyone is involved. I’ve been blessed to be around some good people, players and coaches. Ownership has been phenomenal. I’ve been really blessed to be in a great position and be a part of it.”Reid was asked about the touchdown celebrations the players have been putting together.“It’s a young bunch. They do this during the week. They do it here, I get to see it all the time. I am a grandfather. These guys are moving around and enjoying what they are doing. It’s fun to be a part of and fun to watch.”This is a pretty common attitude from men of Reid’s age. I know this simply because Reid and I are very close to the same age, and I see it not only in myself, but also in a lot of my contemporaries. Being a grandfather changes how you look at things.And being around the grandkids keeps you young — even if they’re only your grandkids because of an NFL contract.“They do keep you young Dee Ford Jersey ,” Reid said of his players. “You can’t help but feel the energy. They are running around. One thing they do is they come out every day and enjoy what they’re doing. They play fast, and I have to slow them down at times in practice. I can’t say enough about them.”

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