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What breed of dog should I get?
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Автор:  MichaelSmith [ 14 май 2018, 08:34 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  What breed of dog should I get?


I am looking for some advice on what breed of dog to get for me and my family, I have 2 children that are aged 9 and 7, I am at home all day so no worries on caring for the new dog I would like to have a small breed of dog,like a toy size breed. (not a tiny little one like a chihuahua,yorkshire terrier etc..)The qualitys I really would like are: a very low to non-moulting coat, as me and my husband can not stand the thought of hair everywhere, A breed of dog that is very friendly and very good with children, easy to train so no head strong breeds, low energy, (obviously all dogs need a good walk but not one that needs like 2 - 3 long walks a day!) A breed of dog that is not prone to barking would be good, a small amout is fine but I really don't want a yappy dog!

Please help

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